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OK. I am starting again. I have been a hobbyist photographer now for about 10 years and have participated in 365 before, but have not been active for a couple of years now. I credit 365 and the community for helping me become a much better photographer during the two years I was active. I also belong to a local photography club.

Lately I have just lost my muse. Seems like so much of the challenge has left the art of photography for me. I am renewing my ace membership in the hope that I will get motivation, new ideas, criticism and encouragement from this group. You all have been so supportive in the past.

I am a retired Social Service Administrator who loves photography. I have a husband, three grown children and three grandchildren, two dogs and two, 11 year old, Koi in a pond in my backyard. I like to garden, although sometimes it becomes a task rather than a pleasure. I love my little poodle mix and my big standard poodle, and I love to take photographs of almost anything.

I am on facebook at: