On my knees

Useful things of the day:

1. My new second hand SZ-31MR arrived in the post as my old one (aka my handbag camera) had given up the ghost after a few unscheduled meetings with the pavement, damaging the zoom and finally it refused to focus on anything except wide angle. It's an old camera but a goodie and I was delighted to get hold of a second hand one as the "new improved" modern versions are rubbish in comparison.

2. My boys have got in the car and are presently driving up the motorway for a few hours to visit Granny. This is a twofold visit: to see her as we haven't seen her for about 6 weeks and to investigate if hubby's old Hornby stuff is lurking up in the loft anywhere.

3. Why is number 2 useful? Because I can finally get on with attempting to scrub the stains out of the dining room carpet whilst no-one is going to be walking on it all day. I couldn't join them on the trip because of an inconveniently place optician appointment today, but this is a handy job to achieve in their absence.

So I am on my knees, scrubbing at those stains with an upholstery brush and good old Sebo duo-P carpet cleaning powder. Let's just hope I can get up again. Not always guaranteed at my age LOL!
I do admire your enthusiasm, I however definitely wouldn't get back up again unless aided by block and tackle, but I found a solution I bought a rug, hides a multitude of sins. 😊
posted September 23rd, 2017  
I feel as if I am having a conversation with you - and that is so good. You are skilled with your English and enthusiasm! I hope your meeting with your eye specialist is worth this leaving you behind!
posted September 23rd, 2017  
@chrisiow Very wise move! Since we moved in here almost 11 years ago and bought a lovely plain green carpet for everywhere I have doubted the wisdom of that! In our old house we had patterned carpets, which also cover a multitude of sins! Next house.......xx
posted September 23rd, 2017  
@maggiemae You made me smile a big smile, thank you!
posted September 23rd, 2017  
I do hope your scrubbing worked and the stains are gone. A+ for effort and for reward you need to go and have some play time with your new camera.
I hope the boys were successful too with the Hornby hunt.
posted September 23rd, 2017  
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