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I've missed you 365! Photography - I feel the best, most confident, most creative, most alive when I'm taking and editing photos. I try to push myself to create intriguing, surreal, abstract, obscured pictures that cause an excitement, an understanding, an ineffable communication recognized by our deeper selves. I have been working on a set of selfie images based on the idea of the doppelgänger - of multiple/split selves which hint/give glimpses of the subconscious, of the shadow world.
About me - I've loved art since an early age. I've been fascinated by modern art, surreal, dada, abstract and more. Rock is my favorite music, Guns N Roses my favorite band. I know that photography is part of my purpose here on earth. My dream is to have my photos in a gallery and gain recognition as an artist. Thank you for checking out my photos - it really fuels my ambition reading positive comments.