Creating a lake!!! by caterina

Creating a lake!!!

Yesterday I posted two images of mountains apparently reflected in a lake. As some of you 365ers suspected the lake was artificial, created by the reflection of the scene on the cell phone’s screen. This is how I did it, if anyone wants to try. Of course it was not my invention, I picked the idea in Pinterest
Surprising effect .
January 13th, 2019  
Well that was very clever. Thanks for sharing your information.
January 13th, 2019  
That's fascinating, thanks for sharing, must have a go at this!
January 13th, 2019  
SO CLEVER! Now going back to look at the image I missed . ..
January 13th, 2019  
@jamibann @judithdeacon @johe thank you. I never tried the tricks from Pinterest before, but Now I think I should look at them more carefully
January 13th, 2019  
@jyokota no way you can learn from me Junko! I have seen too many of your pictures to believe that you have anything to learn!
January 13th, 2019  
Very cool, thank you for sharing, Caterina!
January 13th, 2019  
Just had a look at the result, It's very effective. Nicely done.
January 13th, 2019  
Very nicely done :)
January 13th, 2019  
January 13th, 2019  
However you did it, the image worked very well. Thanks for sharing.
January 14th, 2019  
I had missed your image from yesterday so I had to go back. What a fun and clever trick- fun to see how you did too!
January 16th, 2019  
Very cool! Thanks for sharing!
January 17th, 2019  
Haha, wow! Good one and Thanks for charing, Caterina ;)
January 24th, 2019  
You turn out to be such a trickster. Who knew? Now I don't know which of your images I can trust. And don't try to blame Pinterest. Next thing we know, we may just find out that all of your stranger portraits were taken of paid models, or wax figurines, or even aliens (the kind from outer space, not the Trump kind.) Fortunately, my fellow 365ers are not as naïve and trusting, as I am. And they were on to you already. For all we know, you might really live in Verona, New Jersey. (Though, I sincerely hope not. For your sake.)
January 30th, 2019  
Btw - I do really like this photo and those prior.
January 30th, 2019  
@mbrutus ah ah! You can try all of them,I have openly declared which one was made with a trick and even shared it! And no, I'm not leaving in New Jersey as you all know because I have inundated you with pictures of the arena. Thank you for your comments. Glad to see you back
January 31st, 2019  
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