Lone leaf by caterina
I like this a lot. A different take on an autumn shot,.
October 30th, 2020  
Nice shot
October 30th, 2020  
Nicely captured
October 30th, 2020  
Great FALLen minimalism. Fav ;)
October 31st, 2020  
I really like this..wonderful composition, fav
November 1st, 2020  
November 6th, 2020  
great eye!
November 8th, 2020  
With some Fontana Asphalti inspiration!
November 9th, 2020  
@vincent24 exactly! Thank you for noticing
November 9th, 2020  
I love the graphic feel of this image, contrasted with the single bit of nature. And clearly @vincent24 knows something I don't know -- you two have introduced me to Franco Fontana and now I am lost in the flow of those images :) Oh, the things we learn on 365.
November 10th, 2020  
@jyokota do you remember the exhibit we went to see in a public librare in Modena? It was Franco Fontana
November 12th, 2020  
@caterina -- OH, RIGHT!! I knew the images I was seeing online felt familiar but I hadn't connected it. My brain doesn't work so well these days -- it needs to have some time with you!
November 18th, 2020  
@jyokota ha ha! Mine doesn’t work!yoursis as sharp as usual.
November 18th, 2020  
@caterina You are brilliant and a fast thinker. I KNOW this. I've seen that mind of yours in action.
November 19th, 2020  
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