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Family, community member & friend. Doting grandma.

Casual photographer living in Portland, Oregon, USA.

I'm now into my sixth (6th!) year on the site and I have so LOVED the unique sense of community and support here. I never expected to hang in that long, but it's hard to imagine not taking and posting a picture and checking in with friends nearly every day.

I love how the project has helped me to open my eyes to the beauty of my world. Sometimes, when a new month rolls over, I find myself wondering about what beautiful thing I will get to see that month. I also LOVE seeing all of the fabulous photos from around the world. I don't generally thank folks for their comments on my photos, but instead spend my time viewing and commenting on other's shots. I don't say thank you often enough, but I do read every single comment and appreciate each one tremendously!

I've been touched and pleased to have local 365 friends meet up periodically. It's such a delight to have the opportunity to meet virtual friends face to face and each one inspires me! I've also enjoyed an additional layer of community by being able to share more of our lives through Facebook. I'm Cathie Wallmark Glennon on Facebook and would enjoy connecting with 365ers there, if you're interested.

I've had my Olympus PEN camera for four years and I really love it. It's small and sweet -- have to admit, though, that I'm still not as good with the camera as I'd hoped I would be. There's still plenty to learn and I'm still hoping to gain some level of mastery. I retired from my work in January 2016, but with family commitments, I still don't seem to have the unending time for photography and other pursuits that I had envisioned!

Since my first day on the 365 project, I've had a $1 per photo savings plan. With every 365 project photo I post, I put away a $1 so at the end of the year I have a little nest egg to use to splurge on equipment (or editing software). The money doesn't go far, but it's a way of rewarding myself for hanging in there.

My dear husband Dan has over time provided wonderful encouragement and thoughtful review of my shots. He's such a sweet fan -- I'm pretty sure I don't bore him when I talk about my photos; at least he acts like he's keeping the boredom under control -- and he's even agreed to be a sometime photo subject. I am so grateful for his sweet support. I also completely respect his camera skills -- he will always be our family's first and best photographer. When he finally retires from his "day job," I have big plans for us to get out for many more photo shoots!

I've been thrilled when a photo of mine makes it to the Popular Page. Yay! Here they are:


Five years ago I took a sabbatical trip around my beautiful state and kept a blog here: http://gettingareadonoregon.wordpress.com/
I like to read novels and other writing about the places we visit, and periodically consider reviving my blog if and when we have time for a little more travel. In the meantime, the fabulous pictures that my friends post on the 365 Project go a long way to feed my wanderlust!

I know that I am lucky to live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and I am very lucky for each of my 365 friends who share so generously their creativity and their own unique view of their world.

Thank you! Here's to all of our adventures!