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Year Three (2016-2017)
I've been away for most of the year and always hope to come back as a regular. I pop in once in awhile to visit my precious friends I've made of 365project. Life gives us many twists and turns and I am learning to maneuver through those challenges. I love photography since my father always put his brownie camera in my face and old style video camera with no sound. My passion stemmed from memories he captured of our family and his love for the outdoors. I working towards post more frequently this year.

Year Three (2015-2016)

Photography is a great part of my life, not only being a hobby but a lifeline of sanity. I have been able to overcome many obstacles and struggles in the past year and my love for photography has been ever present and continues to reign me in and out of self.

I thank The Lord for this site and the encouragement given by its members. You have uplifted me in my time of need with your words of encouragement and love even though I have not been consistent in my postings but you have always been forgiving and never judged.

Year Two (2014-2015)

Photography has become a way of life and passion that allows me to see the world in a new light. My camera opens a window into time reflecting changes seen though the seasons of life.

I'm a story teller by nature and the camera affords me a way to express what I see though the lens of my camera, finding myself embracing the beauty of God's creation, especially the four seasons, the fall of the first leaf, the brush of the first snow fall, the drop of the first rain and the harvest of the first crops.

Please join me on my journey, experiencing the beauty of life as seen through the lens of my camera.

Year One (2013-2014)
Amateur photographer with a passion and love of photography, desiring to capture the beauty of God's creation in nature and precious moments in life. Living in the beautiful Province of Ontario, Canada.

email address: cathrine.mitchell@yahoo.ca
facebook: www.facebook.com/cathy.mitchell.735

Camera: Samsung NX20 (SLR)
Camera: iphone 4S
iphone 6