Snoozing on the Cliffs by catwhiskers

Snoozing on the Cliffs

Mama Great Horned owl and her three babies
Oh my goodness they are so well camouflaged! What beauties! Well spotted! Fav!
May 7th, 2018  
Awesome capture.
May 7th, 2018  
What an amazing capture, Nan!
May 7th, 2018  
Love these babies!! Nice getting all three plus mama!
May 7th, 2018  
Terrific :)
May 7th, 2018  
Oh wow! so many. Fav
May 7th, 2018  
@catwhiskers Was there tonight after dropping off a rescued baby squirrel at PWC. The owlets have fledged and are dispersed on the left side of the cliff face,some up at the top in the shrubs, others on the cliff face. They look good!
May 11th, 2018  
What a sweet shot - as if they're sharing a tender moment.
May 15th, 2018  
I was so focused on momma and chix (great comp to draw the eye!) I didn't notice the babes in the lower left! So cool.
May 15th, 2018  
omg, all of this is adorable
May 27th, 2018  
Incredible shot... do you have a 'bird whispering' trick or something?! I've never seen anything like this!!
May 30th, 2018  
@filsie65 LOL, just out a lot and have friends who share locations also
May 31st, 2018  
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