not hardwood, not linoleum...

i'm not sure why they spread all the mangoes out on the floor of this house before selling them. While taking the picture, i was gifted two mangoes. On my way back home, a different neighbor gave me a box of mangoes. About ten minutes ago I got two more.

I realized this week that i have a skin allergy or sensitivity of some kind to mangoes. they make the corners of my mouth itch and if i eat a lot i get bumps, ha. bad news, because i cant stop eating them!
this is a great slice of life photo! good capture
posted November 10th, 2010  
A mango allergy would be a tragic thing!
posted November 11th, 2010  
Oh no!! That would be no fun when they're all over the place. What a cool photo--maybe they're used in some way to bless the house? Or bring luck?
posted November 15th, 2010  
The photo is really cool
posted November 15th, 2010  
Love this shot! And mango allergies are fairly common, some people can't touch them at all.
posted November 15th, 2010  
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