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I have been doing 365Project since 2012. In 2018 I am planning post images as a series. This will get me thinking about images in a different way than shooting for a word.

I currently use a Sony A7RM2, Sony A77M2, and Sony RX100M2. I have had images published by O.D.F.W., several websites, the Portland Aquarium, and used as posters. I have judged for competitions. I would describe myself as a nature/landscape and macro/close-up photographer with a special interest in aquarium and flower photography. I shoot RAW+JPG and post-process RAW with Capture One Pro and Zoner Photo Studio.

"…my favorite pictures are the ones I have yet to make and it is those images that I feel most passionate about making." -- Bryan Peterson

My website: http://jwcphoto.weebly.com