Creatures of Nightmare #1

At school, I am currently working on my Higher Level Project. My project is based around creating a series of photographs around the theme 'Dreams and Nightmares'.

On the January 2nd, I spent a day shooting photos for the Nightmare part of my project, and I need constructive criticism.

How could I edit the photos to make them more 'Nightmare-ish'?
What do you like and dislike about the photos?
Which of the photos (in this case, the ones titled 'Creatures of Nightmare') do you prefer, overall, what makes the one you choose better, and what lets the others down?

I'll also post a discussion, but feel free to comment on here as well. Every single piece of advice is highly valued, and will bring me one step closer to achieving my Higher Project Qualification.

Thankyou. :)

I like the sunburst in 2 & 3, but would probably choose 1 because of the expression on the subjects face, I think your editing of the "creatures" is amazing! If you use iphoto you could try playing about with the overall light and dark on the adjust setting - sometimes get some unreal effects. I would also like to see them in b&w or very faded. Excellent work though - I'd be surprised if you don't do well!!!
posted January 3rd, 2012  
@valerieaglover That was exactly my dilemma, I just loved the sun! But this one I think is the favourite so far.

There is no editing whatsoever on this photo, completely SOOC :D
It's just a long exposure shot, I got all except the main model to spin around, run, whatever they wanted, the settings were I think 1/2 second shutter speed, and f number was 7.2 :)

Thankyou! xx
posted January 4th, 2012  
im on there charlotte x
posted January 8th, 2012  
I like all three, probably this one the best. Maybe with the girl having her hands on her head screaming? Might be more dramatic if you darken everything a bit except the subject. Cool the tones so it looks less warm.
posted February 18th, 2012  
My favorite of the three too. Actually, I think this one is very good. You did a great job with the "ghosting". The only thing I might try is to bring the exposure up a little.
posted February 19th, 2012  
@mikew @branka
Thankyou both! You have no idea how helpful your comments are! :)
posted February 19th, 2012  
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