Not included in my final Dreams and Nightmares project, but one I took along the way, nonetheless.

Nightmare photo shoot :)

Arrghh, it's been so long since I've had a chance to even pick up the camera, let alone upload any photos :/ I. Hate. Exams. Sigh..
Anyway, I'm finally moving on with some more of my Project photos. :D

So, I need constructive criticism:

1) What do you like and dislike about this photo?
2) How would you edit it differently, keeping in mind the 'Nightmare' theme?

I'm so thankful for any help you can give me :) xx
Looks like you're asleep, or resigned to being tangled up. If it's a nightmare I think you should be struggling or screaming or something? Maybe a long exposure with you shaking your head, Exorcist-style?
posted February 18th, 2012  
I think you did a nice job and it's very creative. I love the over all color. The one thing that stands is that there is a lot of yellow and orange in the skin. I would try to tone that down a little. Keep up the good work.
posted February 19th, 2012  
@mikew @branka
Thankyou so much for your help! This is just what I need for my project :)
posted February 19th, 2012  
I think your idea is very creative. If it were me, I would maybe use selective color and/or vignette to give it more of a dark feel.
posted February 22nd, 2012  
@sharritta Thankyou for the advice! I am re-taking it on Sunday, taking into consideration what other people have said on how it could be better, so everything that people comment really does get put into good use! haha :)
posted February 23rd, 2012  
@charlotteee333 Good luck. I hope you post the new pic. I would love to see it.
posted February 23rd, 2012  
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