Anhinga at Everglades National Park by chejja

Anhinga at Everglades National Park

I spent some time today at Shark Valley in Everglades National Park. I only saw one big alligator who came up onto the path I was walking on, but then he went back under the water and disappeared from sight. It was a very hot day, so the gators were likely dug in, cooling in the water or in the brush. However, I did see gar fish, white peacock butterflies, lots of dragonflies including Halloween pennant dragonflies and a red skimmer dragonfly, turkey vultures, double crested cormorants, several great blue herons, several great egrets, a red shoulder hawk, and an anhinga.
Sounds as if you had a wonderful outing, great shot with the outspread wings.
August 4th, 2022  
Sounds like a perfect day, so much to see. I like those outspread wings, lovely capture.
August 4th, 2022  
oh, that is a bit disappointing on the alligators. last time I went I had the same experience but going back years ago, there were so many I barley could walk the path. Maybe it's the heat. Nice shot of the anhinga.
August 4th, 2022  
Beautifully captured.
August 4th, 2022  
This must be a big bird - it's wingspread looks to be quite wide. It's a bird that's I've never heard of. You're a brave woman to allow an alligator to come onto your path and see that it left again. I'm afraid I would have headed the other way as lickety-split as I could.
August 5th, 2022  
great image - and what a wonderful place to wander
August 5th, 2022  
Sounds like a great day out even in the hot beautiful capture
August 5th, 2022  
Great capture
August 7th, 2022  
Wonderful capture
August 8th, 2022  
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