Last weekend while my hubby and son were off picking up a ramp to help Magnum get in and out of the back door, I thought I'd rake some leaves that were blown near the fence and put them in my flower beds instead. I told him to go lay down somewhere so he wouldn't be in my way and he chose to lay right in the leaves I was going to rake. He wouldn't move because he can't stand for me not to be within his view so I just got my camera and took some pictures.

He absolutely hates his photo to be taken so I have to make all kinds of noises and say all kinds of things to get him to look directly at me. It probably took me about a half an hour to get two decent pictures of him lol. He's sure working that distinguished elderly gentleman look!
Oh Karen, he DOES look the part of the elderly, distinguished statesman! If he made you work hard for this beautiful photo, you indeed came out the winner! So ♥ love!
posted November 19th, 2015  
what a wonderful photo. It deserves to be framed.
posted November 19th, 2015  
Looks like a special photo to keep of Magnum!
posted November 19th, 2015  
Cracking shot, tones are great
posted November 19th, 2015  
He's beautiful! I love how the leaves accent his eye color!
posted November 20th, 2015  
What great eyes. I write my comment and look at the others after and I see that Mandy also commented on the eyes.
posted November 24th, 2015  
Hi Karen, nice to see your name on here again. The pup is a great looking one
posted January 31st, 2016  
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