Badly Scanned, thanks Walmart

But in being so an accidental diptych is created?
interesting combination of images
posted March 3rd, 2014  
yum. fav
posted March 3rd, 2014  
Yes, I really like how this worked out. Almost as if you planned it.
posted March 3rd, 2014  
Well, this turned out really interesting. It's like I'm looking underground. Some of the best things in life have come about as a result of an accident.
posted March 3rd, 2014  
This is glitchography!
posted March 3rd, 2014  
Hi! I wonder if you remember me, I'm so glad I found your project again, and I'm so glad you're still posting.
posted March 28th, 2014  

Dude I even tried to email you once, I think maybe I tried through your blog or flickr to see how photo-life was going! I still check here but I'm having a creative nightmare in 2014 so I only posted for the beginning of the year then I gave up. How's it going?!? How could I forget your great dreamy pictures? It's not all bad though I'm growing my own veg which is kinda creative. I miss the old gang of folks on here but it isn't the same nowadays and like I say I've lost my spark.
posted March 29th, 2014  
lol that would be one freaky scene in real life.
Bring on the veg!
posted April 14th, 2014  
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