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Kit used so far:

Panasonic Lumix FZ7
Panasonic FS4
Canon 400D EOS:
18-55mm Canon stock lens (also a ring adapter to share all lenses with the Pentax and Praktica)
Canon EOS 550D with the AF IS version of the 18-55 and the 50mm 1.8
Pentax MZ7 fully automatic SLR with:
28-80mm zoom lens pentax all auto f3.5
70-320 zoom Pentax all auto 4.5
50mm Ricoh Prime PK mount f2
Super Paragon 35mm-100mm zoom f3.5
Beroflex 200mm prime f3.3
Praktica MTL50 (1989) with Optomax 135mm prime lens f2.8 and macro rings
Praktica BX20 fully automatic SLR with:
Pentacon 35-70mm f3.5
Pentacon 70-210mm f4
Pentacon 50mm f1.8
Pentacon 28mm f2.8
Pentacon 135mm prime f2.8
Canon EOS -F 1000 (35mm) 30-80mm auto lens
Lomo Smena 8m fixed 40mm lens PC flash 35mm film
Pentax espio 120 compact/panoramic 35mm film camera 38-120mm lens
Holga 120 N - 40mm fixed lens (uses PC flash) 120 roll film lomo camera
Praktica bounce flash for all SLRs
Kodak Brownie 127 converted to 35mm
Kodak Cresta II 120
Sirius MX1 35mm
Olympus OM1
Olympus OM1 fit Zuiko 50mm f1.8 lens
Olympus OM10 with 50mm
Olympus OM2 with 50mm f1.4
Olympus OM1 MD
TLR Receski DIY camera 35mm
Kodak Instamatic 110
Polaroid 1000
Polaroid 600
Fujifilm Instax 100
Hanimex IC500 35mm
Hanimex flash
Hanimex C35
Rollei F Rangefinder 35
Zenith EM 1980 with helios 44 58mm lens f.2
fujifilm AF point and shoot film
Chinon BF100 Big Finder
Underwater camera
Halina 35 point and shoot
HTC Wildfire with retro camera app, and 5mp camera
Zeiss Ikon Nettar bellows with 75mm lens 120
Diana F 120
Pinhole cameras of various shapes and sizes.
Zeiss Ikon Contina 35mm with 45mm f2.8 lens
Fed 4 rangefinder with jupiter 50mm lens
Zorki 4 leica copy with Jupiter 50mm lens f2.8
Olympus Trip
Ricoh 500RF 35mm rangefinder
Contax 137 auto exposure SLR with 50mm Yashica 1.9 lens
Yashica 200AF with 70-200 zoom autofocus lens
Yashica FR SLR with 35-70 zoom Yashica lens
Yashica FXD with 50mm f2
Olympus AF10
Pentax ME SLR
Pentax MV SLR
Rolleiflex TLR with Carl Zeiss Planar lens
Halina 3000 rangefinder with light meter
Carl Zeiss 50mm f1.7 Planar (love this) and Zeiss planar 50mm f1.4
Ricoh KR10 with f2 50mm rikonon lens
Ricoh KR5 with Ricoh 50 f1.7
Olympus Pen FT with 38mm f1.8 lens
Ricoh R1
Rollei Prego AF Xenar
Pentax S1a spotmatic
Pentax K1000
Pentax K2 with 50mm SMC f1.7 and Hanimex 70-150mm zoom f3.5
Agfa Silette
Minolta XD11 with 50mm f1.4, 28mm f2.8 and 35mm f2.8 lenses, also 35-70mm zoom and 135mm f2.8
Minolta X300
Minolta SRT101
Canon AE1
Canon AE1 program
Canon A1 with FD 50mm f1,8, 85mm f1.8 also motordrive and Canon flash
Nikon FE
Nikon FM
Nikon F3 with 50mm f1.8, 50mm f1.4, 35-105mm Vivitar zoom, vivitar series 1 70-210 and 28-85mm zooms
Konica TC with 40mm f1.8 hexanon lens
Fujica AX1 with fujinon 50mm f1.9
Centon DF300
Contax 139
Minolta XD7
Minolta XD5
LEICA R4 with summicron 50mm f2
Also used a Range of other cameras and lenses and gear, questions welcome.

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