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I've always loved photography, ever since I was small with a simple point-and-shoot camera. This year, I have finally bought myself a good camera and I'm doing this project to motivate me to learn how to use it properly and to document the journey.

23 days in to my project and I'm off the preset settings and shooting in RAW. If I mess it up, I have only myself to blame. Just the way it should be. I'm studying Photography in Australia, via a MOOC course, and shoot all my pictures here in Madrid, in between my two jobs, teaching Business English and testing software.

I'm hoping I learn enough in the next six months to be able to start using my old Bronica or Rollei.

I have a website which started out as a place to display my paintings, all based on other people's photos. Now the website, especially the Live page, has become a vehicle for my photography.