24 Little Hours.

After a beautiful day yesterday today is a complete turnaround, heavy frost, icy roads,thick freezing fog, ferries delayed, and so another day dawns in paradise!!! You just can't see it. 😎
Somehow quite interesting😊 Just out of interest, you tagged this image as 'dawn'. Is your shiny new camera showing the correct time?
posted January 23rd, 2017  
@wintivic. No don't be silly, of course it was'nt dawn I was still slumbering then. Just taking a little poetic license. 😁. I think it was about 9am. or there abouts, but it is'nt showing the connecting time.πŸ“· πŸ•§
posted January 23rd, 2017  
@chrisiow Hahaha, and there was me thinking you up and about at 6.30ish 😊 silly me☺
posted January 23rd, 2017  
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