Deck the Halls.... You bet I did..

Well, we are one of those crazy people who decorate super early for Christmas this year.. I have to admit I LOVE it though ;)! The husband official got word he will be having surgery on his other hip in just 4 short weeks. So, I'm rushing to get everything DONE that we need to before his surgery. I don't wanna go crazy over the holiday with all that we'll have going on. Attempting to get the decorating and shopping/wrapping done in the next 3 weeks (wish me luck)! I just want to focus on the Holiday fun when it comes around and not stress about everything that needs to be done ;).

I created this image for the Get Pushed Week 276 Challenge. I'm partnered with @aecasey - She said, "your push this week is to do a diptych. Initially I thought you'd like to try one in the style of David Hilliard, who's work can be seen here:
but then I thought maybe something more general to tell a story might be fun ...
So, whichever appeals to you. "

I hope I did this right! :) Thank you for the push this week ;)!
@aecasey Hey there, Thank you so much for the challenge! This is what I came up with...
posted November 9th, 2017  
posted November 9th, 2017  
It looks lovely.
posted November 9th, 2017  
This is great! I love the progression, the intimate close up, and the story telling. Good luck with your holiday preparations.
posted November 9th, 2017  
What a great diptych! And it definitely tells a story. Good luck to your hubby and to you getting everything done in 3 weeks!
Thank you for the follow - will follow you back and will comment as time permits. Life can get hectic here on 365 - lol!
posted November 9th, 2017  
Looked up the links and think you did a great job! Good luck with getting ready in 3 weeks!
posted November 9th, 2017  
posted November 9th, 2017  
Really fine on the black background.
posted November 10th, 2017  
Beautiful - I love the middle with the addition of the hands. Good luck with Hubby's second hip. I've had both mine done so empathise. All will be well!
posted November 13th, 2017  
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