2590-0202 Basketball by cirasj

2590-0202 Basketball

I photographed my first basketball game today. The game was a girl's varsity basketball game at the request of one of the parents. I have great respect for sports photographers.
Great shot to catch the basketball mid air like that!
I love doing sports photography of all kinds! As a matter of fact, I prefer doing any event over the 'static' shots such as still life, landscape, or sunsets ... all are pretty but do nothing for me. LOL!
February 3rd, 2017  
@farmreporter I will have to get tips from you. The sports photographer that was taking photos for a local paper shots manual and jpg. He sets his shutter speed at 1/250 and ISO 1600. Then he adjusts his aperture. What do yo do?
February 3rd, 2017  
I also shoot manual but with auto focus. I will preset the settings for the conditions I am in (outside, inside, WB, and the like). As for shutter speed, it depends on what effect you want. You can get some awesome panning motion shots with a slow shutter speed. Conversely, you can get some awesome mid-jump or stop action shots with a fast shutter speed but this is mostly outdoors with great light.
Using a flash indoors or out will also give you some superb stop action shots since the flash automatically stops any action.
Set your camera to continuous if you can so you get a whole series of shots and then pick the best one and delete the rest. Got to love digital for that!
Have fun with it. I find that you can get great real life shots because those participating are concentrating on their thing, and do not even notice you. The crowd around you may notice you, but even they will forget about you in time.
February 3rd, 2017  
Nice capture!
February 3rd, 2017  
@farmreporter I did shot with auto servo focus since the action was moving. I also did the continuous high speed shooting to try to capture some good shots. I shot RAW and the other photographer shots jpgs for sports and RAW for anything he wanted to sell.
February 3rd, 2017  
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