(Day 76) - Sharing Smiles! by cjphoto

(Day 76) - Sharing Smiles!

This concludes my Month of Smiles theme for April. This was a really fun theme and even more fun to share. Like I always say, a smile is one of my favorite gifts to give and it's so contagious. Really happy to be able to make ya'll smile all month long...and you definitely made me smile with all your funny comments. Thanks so much for the support! :)

My photo today is of cookies that I made in the shape of, you guessed it, smiley faces! Also perfect for sharing! ◕‿◕

Next month, I want to improve my creative photography of nature. More specifically, every image will have something from nature in it. We'll see how it goes. ツ

Keep on capturing those smiles and making others smile through your photography everyone! ◠‿◠
That's a super sweet collage of all your smiles.
May 1st, 2015  
cool work
May 1st, 2015  
loved ALL of them
May 1st, 2015  
Loved your month of smiles! Instant FAV
May 1st, 2015  
Love them all - what next Mr J????
May 1st, 2015  
Everyone is a smile, and as collage it is a super smile! Great. Fav.
May 1st, 2015  
Great collage, those cookies look delicious 😃
May 1st, 2015  
excellent smile month
May 1st, 2015  
Chris, you did AWESOME with this month of smiles!! You really did. This collage would make an excellent poster, one that would definitely inspire smiles each time it was looked at. Congrats to you.
May 2nd, 2015  
How far is it between smiles? A mile of course! Thanks for all the fun smiles to cheer us all in April :) Fav
May 2nd, 2015  
thanks for doing the collage. big fav. the cookies look yummy. You did a wonderful job for the month of April I look forward to May
May 2nd, 2015  
Chris, this is an amazing collage! It deserves to be in the TT. So creative. I can tell you invested a lot of time in it. I love it. HUGE FAV!
May 2nd, 2015  
@qui2000 - Thanks so much! Happy to know the collage was effective! :)

@tracie8266 - Thank you Tracie! It was fun to set up each one. :)

@annika82 - Thank you Annika! Each one makes me smile so I was happy to share them with you all. :)

@gigiflower - Thank you Sam for the kind comment and fav! Happy to share smiles all month long! :)

@alinz - Thanks a bunch Ali! Next I'm gonna try to shoot natural things creatively all May long.

@mona65 - So kind of you Mona! Thank you so much for the comment and fav!
May 2nd, 2015  
@spock - Thank you David! It was my first time making sugar cookies. They turned out very good! :)

@lesip - Thank you very much Leslie for this and all the nice comments you left throughout the month of smiles.

@lyndemc - Truly appreciate it Denise and thanks for the idea about the collage!! That's also great idea about the poster. I'm gonna try that! :)

@gilbertwood - Thank you Denise Wood and thanks for the fav too! It was a blast and it really was cool to see everyone looking forward to the daily smile. Glad you liked it! :)

@cruiser - Thank you Chris! The collage really helped showcase the smiles. It was a first for me making sugar cookies and they turned out delicious!

@kareenking - How nice of you to say, thanks Kareen! When the month begin I thought about each one carefully but still had no idea how it would turn out. Makes me smile to know that it was a hit! Thanks for the Fav! :)
May 2nd, 2015  
Your monthly themes are also super and this was no exception. Just such a wonderful variety of smiles!
May 3rd, 2015  
@ladygator - Thank you so much Nancy! It amazes me how many ways a smile can be made.
May 3rd, 2015  
Really loved your month of smiles!
May 5th, 2015  
@juliac - Thank you so much Julia for this and all your comments throughout the theme! It was a really fun!
May 6th, 2015  
Awesome month!! FAV.
May 8th, 2015  
@kwind - Thank you very much! It was a blast!
May 8th, 2015  
Just love this collage of smiles A Bag Fav
May 9th, 2015  
@777margo - Thank you very much Margo for this and all the wonderful comments you left! This was a very fun theme!
May 10th, 2015  
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