(Day 264) - Behind the Hollywood Sign by cjphoto

(Day 264) - Behind the Hollywood Sign

CJ was happy to get super close to the Hollywood Sign, right behind it in fact!!!

We woke up bright and early to beat the heat (it's still hot in LA right now) and began our hike up Mount Lee. The trail was long with some steep areas. It took almost an hour. I was so exhausted! Yet, the view was beautiful. The day started off foggy but we were able to hike above the fog. As it began to burn off, CJ could clearly see Lake Hollywood. That's where our hike began!

As we neared the top, large fences and hundreds of security cameras were watching. The sign is strictly protected, even motion detection triggers on ANY restricted area notifying the police immediately. Happily, there's a perch up here designed to give hikers and tourists an amazing view. CJ found a steady tree branch and took his panoramic shot!

Looking to the right of the Hollywood Sign, you can see a woman in a wheelchair. Yes, she hiked all the way up in a wheelchair! Couldn't imagine the strength that took. Very impressive!!!

Going down was much easier but I'll probably be sore for a few days. Despite that, it was totally worth it! This was a great end to CJ's Tour of Hollywood landmarks. πŸŽ₯😎

P.S. This was my first time making a panoramic shot. It took me hours to find a program because Photoshop's panoramic merge didn't work on my laptop. If you all have any suggestions on panoramic programs I'd love to hear them. Thanks! πŸ˜„
Great view and one I’ve never seen before
November 5th, 2019  
Wonderful collage and a very different pov from the norm. Sorry I can't help with panorama software but I'm sure someone will come along soon who can help.
November 5th, 2019  
I didn't realise you could get up behind it :)
November 5th, 2019  
Great collage. Lovely bright captures.
November 5th, 2019  
I didn’t know you could hike up there! What a wonderful view!
November 5th, 2019  
Fantastic collage!
November 5th, 2019  
I've never made the hike so your info how things is very helpful. I like the PoV and hats off to both you, CJ, and the wheel chairer. I've started to use Affinity Photo- it doesn't have the subscription that PS has and is only $49.99 once. They send out regular updates and there are oodles of youtube tutorials. I also bought the book which helps for the old school learners like me.
November 5th, 2019  
How interesting to see it from this perspective! lt makes a great collage
November 5th, 2019  
Great collage and wonderful views. It does look a long way up but worth it for those wonderful shots.
November 5th, 2019  
I had no idea that you could climb up behind the sign. This is a point of view that I have never seen before, and a beautiful view it is, too.
November 6th, 2019  
@kjarn - Thank you very much Kathy. Me neither before I made the hike. It's really impressive.

@nickspicsnz - Thank you Nick! It was quite the treat to photograph it from this angle. Your faith in 365ers was not misplaced. @joysabin suggested Affinity Photo and might give that a go.

@joysabin - Thanks much Joy! I'm sure with your experience you could make the hike much easily than me. I don't hike or do long walks very often. Also, thank you for the information on Affinity Photo. That's not bad for a one time purchase. I like books when learning photo programs too, I find them more engaging. I'll look into it!

@haskar - Thank you very much!! The view was beautiful. I knew my other pictures would be smaller so I tried to choose ones that really stood out.

@monicac - Thank you so much Monica! It was fun putting it together after the long hike.

@grammyn - Thank you Katy!! It was a fun perspective! I thought I would be able to include the entire sign in one shot but realized it was a lot wider than anticipated. Thank goodness for panamas.

@wendyfrost - Thank you Wendy! Google Maps told me the climb would take about 50mins and I was thinking "I bet I could make it much quicker" ...until I kept walking...and walking....and walking. Haha. But it was a brisk morning which helped tremendously. Yes, totally worth it in the end.

@koalagardens @kchuk @chejja - Thanks for your comments. I never knew it was possible either until doing research on the sign. I thought it was totally locked down. When I got to the top there were tons of people here from all over the world. Some found out about it on Youtube and Instagram. Kinda neat what you can find out with a little investigation. :)
November 7th, 2019  
Awesome shot/s! Bravo to the lady in the wheel chair as well. Love the perspective and the narrative (with illustrations!). I had wanted to go to the sign when I was out there many years ago but never was able to. I don't even remember seeing it! So it was fun to see it from CJ's perspective.
November 8th, 2019  
@olivetreeann - Thank you Ann!! She was on a roll, literally! Very impressed by her efforts. I'm so happy someone noticed my narrative matched the photos. :) Maybe one day you'll be able to see it, if not from this perspective, at least from Lake Hollywood Park. That's definitely my most recommended spot to show people the sign if they can't make the long hike.
November 9th, 2019  
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