10 Years of 365 by cjphoto

10 Years of 365

Hey everybody. Had a good break. I'll be posting again here and there.

To commemorate my 10 years, I compiled the images from ALL of my 365 Projects! Yep, each one! Each year is color coded with a bar on the right page.

This massive photo book is for my personal use only. For this reason and because it's a bit too large, sorry to say that I'm not selling it. Just wanted to make something to reward and encourage myself as well as showcase to my fam & friends.

It took over 4 months to make and was like creating 10 books! Lots of work, but seeing everything in print was totally worth it. Definitely recommend printing your work, whether individual photos or a full year. It feels great having it in hand.

Printing was done by Blurb because they allow hundreds of pages. In fact, guess how many pages the book is? It had to be even, so 366—but had some pun fun with the final page. 😁
Very nice, Chris! Well done!
March 1st, 2021  
Am in even more awe!! Congratulations 👏🎉
March 1st, 2021  
This is fabulous Chris!! I am completely amazed by this incredible book you put together. :) And what a fantastic collage.
March 1st, 2021  
Wow that is amazing and once again I am impressed with your organization skills.
March 1st, 2021  
What a monumental undertaking! You definitely are the master of organization! I think this is a marvelous way to document your journey! Congratulations

Love how you have compiled this collage to showcase your accomplishment!
March 1st, 2021  
Congratulations, Chris! That is a massive book! And I agree with @grammyn -- you are masterful at staying organized, committed, and remaining upbeat while entertaining your viewers with your sense of humor, and most of all, sharing your photographic prowess
March 2nd, 2021  
Wonderful work, thanks for sharing.
March 2nd, 2021  
That is so cool. Congratulations.
March 2nd, 2021  
Fabulous Chris!! fav
March 2nd, 2021  
Your creativity is always inspirational. Glad you were able to finish this project which is so important to you.
March 2nd, 2021  
Whoa! Chris! This is soooo grand! Congratulations for doing it.
Last year (I was at the beginning of my photography journey) I also printed out in booklet format some of the challenges I had with my photo-pal. It is a great feeling to see them all in one place on paper. I rarely flip them, but I know they-re there.
Maybe, I'll do the same with my 365 year.
You are, as usual, an inspiration!
March 2nd, 2021  
wow, that is absolutely amazing!
March 2nd, 2021  
Standing up and cheering here. Hip hip hooray! FAV!!! CJ must be so proud!
March 2nd, 2021  
Chris this is fantabulous!! I love love this book! Could I possibly grab a link to where you got it done and any specific specs you used please
March 2nd, 2021  
Wow, Chris, what a fantastic gift to yourself. Just incredible--Woot woot!!
March 2nd, 2021  
wow 10 years, that is awesome!
March 2nd, 2021  
What a fantastic creation Chris :) You deserve a medal for putting in such a great effort - I'd love to see it!! I made a book each year to have a record for myself too. Fav for your enthusiasm!!
March 2nd, 2021  
That’s impressive. Just wow. Such an amazing achievement, well done and congrats!
March 2nd, 2021  
Beautiful work, all my appreciation to you.

March 2nd, 2021  
Wow, what an undertaking Chris. Congratulations.
March 2nd, 2021  
Wow, great idea and job!
March 2nd, 2021  
Wow, This is quite an achievement Chris! Well done
March 2nd, 2021  
Congratulations, Chris! Great job.
March 2nd, 2021  
Wonderful work
March 2nd, 2021  
Hi Chris!
Great to see you have put this gigantic book together. It's really something to be proud of and will be a nice momento of your 10 years on 365.
Stay well and say hi to CJ.😁
March 4th, 2021  
@kjarn - Yay, glad you liked it so much Kathy! Absolutely happy to share the link and specs!

The book was printed through Blurb: https://www.blurb.com
(On their website, they outline different ways books can be made. One is through their free design tool called, BookWright.)

However, I used a program called Affinity Designer to create each page of my book and then exported it as a PDF.

Then I uploaded it to Blurb's PDF to Book page:

Book will have different specifications depending on how many pages it has and the size you choose. This page can be used to find out what your PDF's specs should be:

It takes a bit of reading and research to learn the programs and get everything correct so perhaps you could take a day and analyze the information. Once you have it down, it's fairly simple to create.

Book Size: Standard Landscape 10x8 inches (25x20 cm)
Cover: Hardcover, Image Wrap
Pages: 366
Paper: Standard (I actually recommend Premium Paper but it's not available on books over 240 pages.)
Unit of Measurement: Inches
Final Interior, exported PDF (w x h): 9.625 x 8.25
Final Cover, exported PDF (w x h): 21.236 x 9.0

The PDF Specs link will give you more detailed information. If you ever need help or questions on it, please let me know. I'll try my best to help. :)
March 6th, 2021  
@cjphoto thank you so much for all this information, unfortunately you lost me a couple of paragraphs in. I don’t do editing or have programs.I should have known it would not have been straightforward to get such a wonderful book like that. I will check out blurb though, thanks again
March 6th, 2021  
@kjarn - You're welcome, Kathy!! Sorry about that, it took me a while to understand it, haha. But yeah, check out Blurb and see if their free BookWright program might meet your needs. If not, you can also try Shutterfly: https://www.shutterfly.com/
I've heard really good things about their books as well and I believe you can make their books online using their site.
March 7th, 2021  
@kjarn - Here's a tutorial about Shutterfly by the Photo Book Guru: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VrNx3M2fJcI

He has a lot of great videos and even a website on photo books that can give you an idea of different options that are out there.

Anyway, hope it provides some extra help. :)
March 7th, 2021  
@cjphoto Thank you so much Chris
March 7th, 2021  
Truly amazing — both the finished project and the time and work you put into its creation. Bravo!
March 9th, 2021  
Wow- that's impressive- I wouldn't know where to start with my stuff since I've had two albums going for most of my time here. The book looks fantastic.
March 10th, 2021  
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