Today we did nothing.

Actual, literal nothing.

We stayed at home, in our own apartment, basically all day. (Jayson and Travis took a brief trip to Taco Bell but immediately returned to their proper apartments afterwards.) Jayson played games and relaxed, enjoying his day of nothing. I watched YouTube videos, enjoying my time to watch things our friends would hate to have to sit through.

Before bed we spent a while sitting together and talking about books. I was stuck on what to read so he decided for me. Sometimes having over five hundred books in my pocket can make picking one just a bit overwhelming!

After a bit of debate he settled on The Illustrated Man by Ray Bradbury, a wonderful choice, and wouldn't sleep until I'd finished The Veldt so we could discuss it.
Haha. My teacher once hoped I would enjoy reading fiction one day. It was after I bribed her because I didn't read any book for my exam and I needed at least a 3 to pass (out 10). It was false hope. I am sure that I would have been diagnosed dyslexically if it existed at the time.

I'm sure she would be proud of you guy :-)
posted December 12th, 2017  
Cool picture.
posted December 12th, 2017  
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