Today was the most Monday day I've ever had.

Starting our day on the right foot, we got out of the house late. Chris and I both forgot to grab our headphones. We were almost late clocking in due to annoying computer things. But I shook it off and got started on my work. After an hour or so I went to finish up my current task... only to notice I'd made a mistake. Not a huge one, but one that would be somewhat annoying to fix. But I pressed on!

While I waited for my supervisor to finish her part of the fix I decided to get back to work. I grabbed a box off my cart, opened it up, reached in to grab the documents, and was horrified to find they were incredibly waterlogged. So I spent the next two hours carefully spreading them all out along the empty desks behind me.

All day long, during and after laying them all out, people would walk up and chuckle. They'd ask what silly arts and crafts thing I was doing or why all the papers were there. And without fail each and every person's face dropped like a bag of bricks when they were told an entire box of documents arrived wet. At least their shock brought me a little joy!

The rest of my day was slow and frustrating... but at least I got everything done. And the papers dried!
Cool picture.
posted April 17th, 2018  
Definitely cool picture!
posted April 17th, 2018  
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