My morning was uneventful, good and enjoyable but just one of those days where the details just melt away; they were never important in the first place.

As soon as my boyfriend returned from work we were to immediately head off to take care of all the many errands. I was just about ready when he told me it was supposedly 70 degrees outside, so of course I changed completely! I couldn't give up what would likely be my one and only chance to wear my bat leggings outside in 2017.

By the time we headed to Winco it was already in the 60s, but at least it was something. We felt good, happy. The atmosphere above was a beautiful intricate painting of cloud and sky and light and color. The hills and mountains in the distance were glowing, bright cold and crisp orange-white, in the vivid sunlight. We paused in the parking lot and in front of the store, just taking it all in (and, of course, with me snapping photos that could never ever do the sight any justice whatsoever).

When we came out the hills were bathed in shadow, the sun swallowed up by the thick purple-gray-pink-gold clouds. We gazed in awe at the thick wall of cloud, wispy and airy and just thin enough in front of the sun that it glowed like a fire was blazing deep within the sky. I suppose, in a sense, that's exactly what was happening.

On our way to the library we ended up in an older part of town, a more industrial area where the U-Haul is. When we pulled into a parking lot to turn around we had the most breathtaking view of the sunset. We backed up and paused for a while, just taking it all in. I snapped photos of the sunset and he snapped photos of me, my hair a bright fiery gold with the sun right behind it.

After that we carried on downtown, where we missed our turn and had to go a bit out of our way because of all the one way streets. We took a detour to go past and river and had to stop in our tracks. The sunset had transformed once again. The clouds had moved, blown swiftly into new positions, casting an ethereal glow on the water. The sky was a bright light blue, covered in thick purple-gray clouds dipped in gold. The tiny bit of horizon we could see was a smoky orange haze. All around the river and falls and sky were groups of Canadian geese, swimming and flying and letting the water rush past their ankles. We could hear their strange calls now and then, a discordant symphony of honks. We stood there for a while, cold and shivering as the sun sunk deeper and deeper beyond the clouds.

At the library I made a shockingly quick stop. Just long enough to drop off the two that were due and the one other I'd finished; the three books I had left should get me to Erica's arrival and from there it would only be a short wait for Black Friday and my Kindle. But it was still strange to not even look.

And then we were off again! Driving next to the river, admiring the water and clouds and sky, when suddenly we saw. It was 5 o'clock. Everyone was just getting out of work and the traffic gave us flashbacks to all our time in LA, though of course Idaho could never dream of being anywhere near that bad. We took a detour through the little area of shops and restaurants and offices by the river that have slowly been coming to life over the years. We talked about YouTube and metal music as the sky darkened even further, the last bits of bright red sun blazing through small tears in the deep purple clouds.

We got a few gallons of water, still talking about and listening to music, before bypassing home and stopping by Sportsman's Warehouse for a quick look around. There was just enough light in the sky to make out the head of a T-rex or the front part of a narwhal, depending on your preference, before we headed inside. We browsed the aisles a bit, checking the prices of ammo and admiring all kinds of things. I'll always be a lover of Cabela's, with their carefully crafted taxidermy displays high up by the ceilings, but Sportsman's blew me away in sheer numbers. There were deer, elk, geese, grizzlies, black bears, birds of so many kinds... did you know that turkeys have a weird little beard of long fur on their chest?!

After that we finally headed home, a feeling of happiness and joy heavy in the air from our time together and the burning memory of one of the most fascinatingly beautiful sunsets we'd ever seen.
That is a very interesting sky, and I love the stark electrical equipment in the foreground.
posted November 11th, 2017  
Very impressive 👍💕👍
posted November 11th, 2017  
Incredible picture.
posted November 12th, 2017  
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