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Some old-fashion film cameras from my collection. All are in fine, working condition, except Zorki 4 which shutter got stacked badly and broken. Pentax ME - I like most - it's pretty easy camera with auto mode (it knows what aperture you've set, and mesuring the light trough the lens it try set the best shutter time for your film). Semi-auto Praktica (DDR) and Zenit (USSR) are TTL mesuring systems. Also Pentacon Six but it's speciffic, horizontal viewfinder makes shooting a little complicated without tripod. Zorki4K (USSR) is most simplyfied, fully mechanical camera with rangefinder. Once my friend seeing sign on this camera, ask me: is it able to record in 4K resolution? :))
All are 35mm cameras, except Pentacon Six which is 6x6 system with bigger frames 120 or 220 film.
Times gone by ~ nice
April 2nd, 2020  
fabulous collection
April 2nd, 2020  
Nice collection, worth viewing on black, makes the reflections pop.
April 2nd, 2020  
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