My 365 subscription is coming to an end and as I also post on Blipfoto I will not continue to post here.

Thank you for all your support and kind comments on my pictures.

You can find me on Blipfoto
What - no more cold station platforms?! I've enjoyed your pictures and good luck on the other side...
posted March 18th, 2018  
@Cherrill Thank you Cherrill, the cold station platforms will continue on Blipfoto. Thank for your kind comments and support on 365.
posted March 18th, 2018  
take care colin good luck on Blip :)
posted March 18th, 2018  
@phil_howcroft thank you Phil. I have been there since 2013, I came over to 365 when Blipfoto when through a difficult period. The site is now stable and a community run site now. I will keep my 365 account as the free version and will pop back from time to time. My daughter has an account and I will also check on her posts from time to time.

Thanks for your support for my pictures I have posted here.
posted March 18th, 2018  
So sorry to hear you are leavin as I have enjoyed seeing your photographs. Not heard of Blip but will take a look.
posted March 18th, 2018  
@megpicatilly thank you Catherine for your support for my pictures I posted here.

I originally started posting a daily pictures when a work colleague recommended Blipfoto.

They went through a sticky patch when venture capitalists got involved. Eventually the original site was forced into administration. The members got together and bought it from the administrators. The site is community owned now and seems very stable at the moment.
posted March 19th, 2018  
Sorry you're leaving us, Colin. Best wishes
posted March 20th, 2018  
@carolmw thank you Carol and thanks for all your kind comments
posted March 20th, 2018  
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