meet Pheobe

When my sister, who had 2 dogs met her partner who also had 2 dogs it was a match made in heaven. they then inheritated a 5th dog, but sadly have lost another. This is the boss of the lot, Phoebe having a snooze in the sun today.
Awwww!! Phoebe looks like she can hardly keep her head up. So sweet
posted May 2nd, 2012  
What a sweetheart I'm so sorry about the loss of one of your sisters dogs.
posted May 3rd, 2012  
posted May 3rd, 2012  
posted May 3rd, 2012  
Sweet dog!
posted May 3rd, 2012  
nice puppy
posted May 3rd, 2012  
What a sweetheart!!!
posted May 3rd, 2012  
OMG she is gorgeous !!
posted May 4th, 2012  
heehee....she is so cute!!
posted May 5th, 2012  
what a puppy!
posted May 5th, 2012  
She's a cutie!! Very nice.
posted May 6th, 2012  
awwwwww... cuteness!
posted May 8th, 2012  
Super cute!
posted May 9th, 2012  
What a gorgeous face :)
posted May 13th, 2012  
She's so cute :)
posted May 14th, 2012  
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