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Always loved photography, got out of it for a while but back into it now and with a vengence! Living in Somerset gives me plenty to photograph and lots of reason to travel.

Travelling to other countries is far more rewarding when you come home with a stash of photographic memories!

Since starting this project I've discovered joy photographing all sorts of things that I often overlooked the beauty of before.

Also I am a volunteer response driver for Secret World Wildlife Rescue Center - so get to collect, handle and photograph all sorts of wild animals which is always fun!

Have been over the moon when my images have made it to the Trending & Popular Pages - something I didn't expect! Thanks to Alexis Birkill you can view them here: https://alexisbirkill.com/365project/popularpage/getuserdetails.php?username=CottiaC

Images that made it to New Faces page can be found here: CottiaC_nf
Images that made it to Trending Page can be found here: CottiaC_tp
Images that made it to Popular Page can be found here: CottiaC_pp

Oh and I don't consider myself very mainstream - and don't like following a crowd. Therefore I tend to follow people who have 100 or less followers - usually around the 20 mark. I know how it feels to not have a crowd of followers and see that those with over a 100 tend to grow complacent and seldom acknowledge all comments. Meanwhile those with fewer followers could do with encouragement.

I don't take one of my followers for granted and often miss them when they haven't been around for a while.

Sorry that's just me - generally for the underdog - not the celebrity.

Update: Now that I personally have over 100 followers I understand how hard it is to keep up in replying in a meaningful way to all comments. However I do still try.

For my own interest my current stats are on average (as at 15/12/16):

Views per day: 89
Favs per day: 10.16
Comments per day: 26.7

I find that I have two big loves currently -

1) Post Photo Processing - with a little playing you can really turn a photo into your own work of art
2) Get Pushed Challenges - I joined this a few weeks ago and although very apprehensive I am thoroughly enjoying them and recommend you to have a go as well. (Just search Get Pushed and leave a message on one of the weeks challenges for @northy to add you to the list of those wanting to play.)

So far I have been challenged in the following ways:
Get Pushed 221: Anne @365anne who has challenged me to capture movement in any way I like
Get Pushed 222: Summerfield @summerfield who challenged me to photograph fire
Get Pushed 223: @mumswaby who challenged me to take a black & white portrait
Get Pushed 224: Saxa van Eijnsbergen @overalvandaan who set my Get Pushed Challenge as 'mirrors'. Either the mirror as object, or using the mirror to reflection something/someone.
Get Pushed 225: Kali @kali66 who asked: I wonder if you can do macro of either oil on water http://content.photojojo.com/diy/abstract-oil-and-water/ or ink in water http://sequelmagazine.org/ink-in-water-photography/ when I did it I put it outside so I didn't need a flash.
Get Pushed 226: Saxa van Eijnsbergen @overalvandaan who asked: What about a deconstructed landscape? See http://www.wexphotographic.com/blog/deconstruction-a-simple-trick-for-different-landscapes. I've seen a couple on 365. Just google and you get tons of examples. Could also be a deconstructed urban landscape, if you like. Does that sound okay?
Get Pushed 227: Fancoise @francoise suggested a Get Pushed challenge of: “How about a photo of something taken from above (or from below), when the usual vantage point is not at all that. If something is usually photographed from the side, try photographing it from above or from underneath (ie. a different point of view than is common). Or if something is usually photographed from the front, what would it look like from the back?”
Get Pushed 228: Liz Hammond @lizhammond asked: You have mentioned a couple of times recently that you are not much of a night photographer. As the days are so short at this time of year though it is hard to avoid having to shoot at night. So my challenge to you is a 'blue hour' photograph. That is a shot taken in time after sunset when the sky not fully dark but blue. Would you be up for that?
Get Pushed 229: April @aecasey picked a challenge to try your hand at minimalism. This is something I struggle with, but also something I greatly admire. I found these 8 tips to get you started: http://photodoto.com/8-tips-to-become-excellent-at-minimalist-photography/

Find more of my photos at www.chamois-cottia.co.uk