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I have taken photos all my life and still strive for the perfect one so I guess I will just have to keep on snapping!. This project gives me the perfect excuse to use my camera everyday and to strive to improve the photos I take.

I feel I should write a little more now I have reached the half way mark and just tell everyone that I am so enjoying the 365 experience. I have made friends and learnt so much, what I thought would be take a shot of anything has made me 'see' things differently and think about the photos I take. My little point and shoot has been replaced with two new canon cameras a DSLR and a bridge zoom so I can catch wildlife without disturbing them. Bring on the next 50%!

I have just completed my first year and I have so enjoyed it that I am going to go on for a 2nd year. I am learning all the time and I want to continue in this great community. I aim to get to know my cameras even better this year!

I thought I had better add a little more having just completed my 2nd year. Lessons learnt and friends made have spurred me on to go forward and renew for a 3rd year. 365 is a wonderful community with fellow addicts always there if you need help and advice and thought of not taking a photo(nearly) everyday was not a thing I could stop at the moment, it's so addictive. So this year it's going to be even more relaxed than year 2, I will take a photo a day when I am able but I will also take multiple shots to post over a few days, no hassle. If it's one of the things I have learnt it's to be flexible when you can't post everyday and not beat yourself up about it, 365 is for pleasure not for hassle!.