post prom lethargy leads to...baking.

Of course, as most things do, i.e., depression, happiness, restlessness, procrastination.... all roads lead to baked goods.

I finally decided to eat the dark chocolate Skipper gave me when he asked me to prom. So I ate one square and I was like wait....wouldn't it be awesome if I baked something with it instead? I think yes.

So I searched up dark chocolate recipes and found one for Orange Dark Choco Scones. Cool!
L to R, chocolate, prep, mixing the dough, kneading it, before 15 min of 425 degrees, and the final product.

They're pretty plain; I wish I put more orange zest in it, but I think that's how scones are supposed to be, so you can eat them with coffee, tea, or jam.
Not bad at all... the chocolate was oozing out of the scones when I tried one :)

Song for today: "Love Song for No One" by John Mayer
"Staying home alone on a Friday/ Flat on the floor looking back/ On old love/ Or lack thereof/ After all the crushes are faded/ And all my wishful thinking was wrong/ I'm jaded/ I hate it."
Cool collage! I want a scone now!
posted April 18th, 2011  
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