La Madeleine

I overate.

So I had work today (shocker) and then came home to pack and pack and pack because my mom and my brother are leaving on Monday and they're taking my big suitcase with them. So I had to pack the big suitcase I'm taking to Thailand today. I spent a couple hours doing that, then went out to dinner with my sisters :)

We went to La Madeleine, which is Annie's favorite restaurant for forever. Seriously though, it's good. I had the Chicken La Madeleine and a little bit of everything else. And then we got DESSERTS. OMG.
We got the hot chocolate, cheesecake, tiramisu, and Café au lait crème brulee tart. We were already so stuffed from dinner and we somehow managed to eat most of the desserts... though I ended up taking home half the tiramisu.

A very good dinner if I do say so myself :)

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