Close Encounter of A Third Kind by daffodill

Close Encounter of A Third Kind

Mystery Monk was sitting innocently in the lounge,
well his body was sitting in the lounge, his mind was many miles away, when suddenly he realised that there was an enormous black object next to him.
MM jumped, as the dark creature greeted him...
"Hello," replied Mystery Monk warily.
"Thank you, most people just say 'Yuk!' when they see me, so it is nice to get a hello.
Allow me to introduce myself. I am Slug, a relict from 'Open the Book'. I was down a well today, with a spider that appeared to have eaten a child, though it could just have been a costume, and a flowery snake!"
"Ah! You are the famous Slug, created in the night"
"Well actually I think most of us were made in the night..."
Fortunately it was time for prayers, which saved Mystery Monk from digging a big hole, perfect for a slug, a snake and a spider to lurk in...
MM has to put up with a lot! Think he needs some mead after that fright.
January 16th, 2016  
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