Impossible by daffodill


Mystery Monk sat surrounded by sea monsters.
Unfortunately there was a hole in the sea, from whence they escaped.
Mystery Monk was rather worried about this, and wanted it all to be back as it should be, but he couldn't work out how!

He sat back and felt a total failure.
"What are you trying to teach me, Lord?" he asked. "That I am a failure?"

"No. I don't measure success and failure the way you do! You can solve that puzzle, but you will have to just keep trying, and trying, until suddenly it WILL work. On the other hand you could give up!"
Mystery Monk was shocked
"Give up! Are you encouraging me to quit?"
"No" said God, with a smile "I just want you to keep it in perspective.
It's a puzzle. Solving it won't change the world, but it will solve one small problem. Save your anguish for the stuff that deserves it!"
Mystery Monk smiled, and looked at the puzzle, and saw that it was just a puzzle, something to stretch his mind, but not something worth beating himself up over. He felt very peaceful.
Thank you Lord!"

hmmm very wise.
December 15th, 2011  
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