Feat Of Humility by daffodill

Feat Of Humility

Mystery Monk was fur-i-ous!
Hopping mad!
“I cannot believe this has happened! he ranted
“If I was in charge things would be different!”
The words hung in the air, and before he could retract them, and or apologise, the Abbot smiled.
Not an angry smile,
or a threatening smile,
or a patronising smile.
It was a genuine smile.
“And, that, is a very good idea!” replied the Abbot.
“It’ my Mother’s birthday and I was wondering how I was going to manage to get away to see her, and now, thanks to your kind offer, I can!”
“I will be able to book a table and take her out for dinner. She will be delighted!”
“ But what about Brother Oswald, he normally takes charge.” queried Mystery Monk, wondering exactly what he had let himself in for.
“This time you are in charge.Your first task is to tell everyone.
Right, I am off to get ready.
See you tomorrow. Bye.”
“Bye” replied the young monk and started to write an email.
‘Dear Brothers, the Abbot has gone to visit his Mother and will be back tomorrow and left me in charge. I will do my best. Mystery Monk.'
Immediately 6 emails came back.
“Can you send food lists for tomorrow”
"What setting would you prefer for the Open service tomorrow, and who is speaking?”
“The boiler has broken down.”
“6 visitors expected this evening for overnight stay, please advise what rooms they should sleep in.”
“Stray dog in the kitchen, please advise course of action”
Mystery Monk contacted the plumber, and advise everyone else to take the ‘usual course of action’.
He then went to check what has happening with the stray dog, and found Brother Sebastian, feeding it the sausages reserved for tomorrows breakfast, to the annoyance of the Kitchen staff.
The plumber arrived.
Then, the Lead chorister announced that he felt unwell, and promptly threw up all over the area adjacent to the boiler.
Mystery Monk asked Brother Ben to lead evening prayers, while he supervised the cleaning up.
The plumber fixed the boiler and left.
Mystery Monk crept in to prayers, and sat in the back row.
2 Minutes later Brother Geoffrey appeared and announced that there was a burst pipe in the laundry room.
Mystery Monk phoned the plumber, again.
Mystery Monk finally crept into bed at 2am
At 6.00am, the bell announcing the call to morning prayer rang. Mystery Monk didn’t hear it. He was absolutely fast asleep.
Life continued as normal.
A bleary eyed Mystery Monk staggered about of bed for 9.00am prayers, and found the Abbot already there.
“I am sorry I spoke so hastily yesterday, and was rude. it’s not an easy job running the Community, there is so much to do. I don’t know how you manage!” apologised the young monk.
“Thank you for your apology,” smiled the Abbot.
It sounds like you had a frantic few hours.
I am even gladder I went to visit my Mother!’
He then added
"The Community runs well, because I have a good team around me.
Everyone has a part to play.
It gave you a chance to step into my shoes, and an insight of the complexities of running a community.
Sometimes, as leader I have to make decisions I don’t like, and that is what happened yesterday.”
“I think your shoes are a bit to big for me” replied Mystery Monk.
“You have plenty of time to grow in to them! Replied the abbot, before adding
“By the way, any idea what happened to the sausages we were supposed to have for breakfast?
“Ah! They were an answer to prayer!” replied Mystery Monk, mysteriously...
So true and so well done! The more experience you have the less you complain because you understand!
January 26th, 2013  
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