July 13: Doughboy Soldier by daisymiller

July 13: Doughboy Soldier

There is a statue of a Doughboy Soldier on the courthouse lawn in my city. The Doughboy Soldier depicts an American infantryman from WWI. The names of local soldiers killed in various wars are listed on the base of the statue. The statue was damaged a little over a week ago. The gun barrel is now pointing downward. It is thought that one person or a group of people were trying to take down the statue. Currently, people across the United States are taking down statues of people with ties to the Confederate states during the 1800s Civil War. I am not certain if the people who were trying to take down the Doughboy Solider did not know their history or if they were drunk. Nevertheless they did damage to a popular and favorite courthouse statue. The statue will be repaired in the future.
We are in a very sad state of affairs here. This is a wonderful way of honoring a special group of people - of all races and backgrounds. I just don't understand.
July 14th, 2020  
So sad - though great photo.
July 14th, 2020  
Again, sad to see random abuse and destruction.
July 14th, 2020  
Anarchists- they don't care about history or art- only power by force.
July 18th, 2020  
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