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UPDATE 1/23/2016: I'm back! It's been very busy and between work, grad school and hurting my back last year I haven't been able to do much photography, but now things are settling down I have a new camera: a Canon EOS 5D Mark iii. I took it out today for the first time and love it!

I'm an administrative specialist at Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio, USA. When I'm not typing or professor-wrangling in the office or taking classes and studying for my accounting degree I'm taking photographs.

I come by my love of photography honestly. Both my mother and my paternal grandmother always seemed to have a camera in their hands every time I turned around. My first "real" camera was a Minolta X-370 SLR that I bought in 1979 with my very first paycheck. My main interest is in nature/underwater photography but I've been known to take pics of pretty much anything that catches my eye.

When I became a certified scuba diver in 2001, I began taking underwater pics (36 shots per dive was never enough!). So in 2007 I joined the digital age with a Canon EOS 30D, which has been a faithful friend above and below the water line. All my underwater pics are taken with the 30D in an Ikelite underwater housing with a modeling light and strobe. I've recently purchased a dedicated 60mm macro lens and underwater port for taking pictures of the tiny denizens living on and around coral reefs.

Now that I have my 5D Mark iii I am saving up to buy the underwater housing so I can do underwater video as well as full-frame stills.

I'm hoping that this project will let me expand my photography skills outside of my current specialty.