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Hello, friends! After successfully completing my first 365 project in 2011 and taking a break in 2012, it's time for a new project in 2013!

For my first project, I set up weekly themes that I attempted to stick to pretty faithfully, and that was fun. This year, though, I will have just one theme: monochrome. That will mean, obviously, a majority of B&W, though I may also do "colored" monochrome as well (e.g. sepia tones). As for the subjects of each shot, well... we'll see what comes up! :-)

***UPDATE 8th April 2013: I'd set out to do an entire year of monochrome, but after just over 3 months of it, I'm burned out. I'll still do B&W -maybe even the majority of the time-, but I need to bring a bit of colour back into my life... especially now that Spring's here!

I live a coastal town in the south of Spain, on the Costa de la Luz, in the Cádiz province, though I spend a lot of time in Madrid as well, and I tend to travel quite a bit, so photos could come from just about anywhere on the planet... but mostly here, in this little town called Rota.

***UPDATE 3rd October 2013: I now live in the big city: Madrid, Spain. So I guess my remaining photos for this year will be much more urban. ;-)

Hope you enjoy! Happy snapping!