"Choose Love" - I usually prefer to leave my street images open to interpretation. In this exceptional case, I invite you to explore the whole of the image in order to get the full impact of the intended message. Consider the signage in the background (you may have to zoom in if you can depending on your viewing device) within the context of the activity, where a rejuvenated iconic LOVE sculpture is being put back on display in a renovated Love Park, Philadelphia.
Brilliant. I totally love how you angled yourself to get all of this in. Brilliant and well stated. I'm glad to see it being brought back - This is what we need. Love and all positive juju. Huge fave!
posted February 14th, 2018  
Just perfect for this day! Each of the signs describes a different aspect of love: trust, being upset is part of love too, and visa--love to strangers. Even the Materials Conservation could have abstract connections to love. Very nice, Joe!
posted February 14th, 2018  
@janeandcharlie Wondered if the door decal would be spotted, it was intentionally left in. ;)
posted February 15th, 2018  
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