Hi, I'm Maddy

This is our 5 month old Flemish Giant. They average around 20 lbs! I'm exhausted, taking a picture of her is a chore. She runs around like crazy and it's hard to take any good shot of her. This will do.

Day 20
You won't need to visit the gym!! Just love her face, it looks cheeky and what big ears:)
posted June 9th, 2012  
very cute shot.....
posted June 9th, 2012  
It's a great shot! Not only adorable, but great focus and nice tones! Look at that
furry little nose! Now I want a bunny! ;)
posted June 9th, 2012  
Good bunny!
posted June 9th, 2012  
posted June 9th, 2012  
Love that face! :D
posted June 9th, 2012  
So cute! Love that adorable little face!
posted June 9th, 2012  
She's adorable.
posted June 9th, 2012  
Adorable shot and I love that cute little nose ;-)
posted June 9th, 2012  
Very cute - animals and small children are hard to photograph !
posted June 10th, 2012  
Nice work, sweet capture
posted June 10th, 2012  
@joluise haha seriously, it's a big workout! and her ears are my favorite!
@pawar_ramesh Thanks Ramesh!!
@d4photo13 Thanks Donna! I heard (mostly from my sister) that these rabbit breeds are the most friendly. And super well-behaved. But we'll see once this thing hits puberty haha.
@svetlana she is super sweet haha
@cbawernsen Thanks!
@joa Me too! hehe
@allisonrap don't let her face fool you too much! she's pretty naughty haha
@janets Thanks Janet!!
@cimes1 Thanks Carole!!
@zoed Very true! Lots of patience and energy are involved :P
@wenbow Thank you!!
posted June 11th, 2012  
nice shot. try her on a leash.. thats what we do with our rabbit
posted June 11th, 2012  
very adorable
posted June 11th, 2012  
Nice shot!
posted June 12th, 2012  
Sweet shot! :D
posted June 14th, 2012  
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