So I'm trying to take a picture everyday and write in this everyday for a year. Hope I don't get burned out. Boring day working on apps and doing nothing...

Day 24
means diary ......good shot David.......
posted June 13th, 2012  
You will have tough days, but tomorrow is always another day :) inspiration jumps when it chooses, until then this shot is you today and I like it.
posted June 13th, 2012  
As Sharon said, tomorrow is always another day:)
posted June 13th, 2012  
Take many photos and write alot. Not just for posting, but for yourself. You'll look back and have great memories. Also, you are very creative and have a great eye. I can see you incorporating photography in whatever you choose too do in life. ;)
posted June 13th, 2012  
Great DOF. I haven't seen a pen like that in years. It brings back memories.
posted June 13th, 2012  
Nice shot for today.
posted June 13th, 2012  
Really cool shot of your diary, David. Keep at it....wish I would have done that.
posted June 13th, 2012  
Am sure you will be glad you took the time for both!
posted June 13th, 2012  
This one makes me giggle. I started 2012 with 365 and a journal. I'm at day 160-something here (yay!), but I think I made it 27 days in my journal. Perhaps you've inspired me to pick it up again. I like the idea of my children and grandchildren being able to read my journal. Very cool shot, BTW.
posted June 14th, 2012  
Go out and walk around, ride a bike, take a car cruise around find 100 pics that you will delete mostly. then write in your journal about all the beautiful things you saw while you are out.
posted June 14th, 2012  
Great POV ;)
posted June 14th, 2012  
nice goals...keep posting!
posted June 14th, 2012  
Good luck! That's a quite a task!
posted June 14th, 2012  
Wonderful pov & shot!
posted June 14th, 2012  
real cool
posted June 14th, 2012  
@pawar_ramesh Thanks Ramesh!!
@sugarmuser Thanks for the encouragement Sharon! I'll admit, these days I haven't been up to much and taking pics have been a chore. But yeah, tomorrow's another day! @joluise Very true, thanks Jo!
@d4photo13 Thanks Donna for the encouragement! :D I know I'll love to look back later at all the memories, but committing to the task is pretty difficult. But I'll try my best! And thanks so much! Photography is really an awesome hobby and I only wish I picked it up sooner. It's so relaxing and a way to just escape everything!
@kwind Thanks! I have a lot of these laying around haha. The only pen I used in college, they're so useful!
@janets Thanks Janet!
@cimes1 Thanks for the encouragement carole!
@swguevin Yeah defnitely, just the doing that's hard ;)
@cmc1200 Thank you! And yeah, it's never too late to pick it up again. The thought of my future children reading it is weird, but makes me want to write super long and well now...
@sailingmusic thanks for the words, yeah definitely. I'll have to stop being lazy!
@klays Thank you!!
@vickisfotos Thanks Vicki!
@mstipe Thank you michelle :)
@paintdipper I appreciate it!
@misspiggytherese thanks!
posted June 14th, 2012  
Great dof!
posted June 14th, 2012  
I'm new to this. Posted my first picture today and am hoping I can do this, haha. Good luck w/ your photos and journal. I look forward to seeing more! I love those pens.
posted June 20th, 2012  
@kkiyo I'm still new to it and hoping I can keep strong haha. Good luck with your project too! I'm excited to follow :D
posted June 21st, 2012  
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