High Water In The High Rise by ddw

High Water In The High Rise

Yesterday involved quite a bit of drama in our building when a pipe used to pump water up to the upper floors decided to let go in the middle of the night. Water cascaded through several floors' common areas, and flooded the lobby with what I was told was about 2,000 gallons of water. The phone lines and computer keyboards at the front desk were ruined, and the stone floors and walls were soaked through. One residence was also impacted, but fortunately very few others were affected. I was amazed at how professionally and how swiftly things were brought under control -- a real testament to the staff who keep our building running so smoothly and well.
Nice image!
Oh no! Glad that your space remained dry and the staff is acting quickly to have the common space repaired. The hot water hose burst on our washing machine years ago and flooded a downstairs hallway, bath, exercise room and laundry room. Luckily, I was still awake and discovered it at 2 am. So the water could be turned off. It looked like a mess with 4-5 inches of water and rising.
Then, the company with water pump, fans, etc came over to start restoration.
June 13th, 2018  
@gardenfolk Oh no! That must have been a nightmare!!!
June 14th, 2018  
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