Delivery Rant by ddw

Delivery Rant

Buckle up, cupcake -- I'm on a tear!

Good thing I take medication for high blood pressure — I needed it this morning! We were scheduled for the delivery of two bed frames at Portside today, which of course meant that I had to arrange for the contractor to be there to unlock the house and meet the delivery men. About an hour ago, I received word from the bed people that the appointment had been summarily cancelled, and would have to be rescheduled — no reason given.

This is the second time they have done this! Is it only me who finds this sort of thing unbelievably annoying? Poor Josh (contractor) had to make room in his busy schedule to accommodate this event, and now his whole morning has been wasted. (Again.) When I called the furniture store to find out what excuse they had for this sudden change of plans (couldn’t be the fault of “weather” today, as it’s sunny and mild), I had to explain why I was calling to no fewer than SEVEN different people. Each time I gave my reason for calling, and then recited the 14-digit order number, I was put on hold, forced to listen to ghastly tinny recorded music, and then informed that I was being transferred to “someone who can assist you.”

Needless to say, by “assistant” number seven, I was foaming at the mouth and spitting nails! The ridiculous reason I was finally given for this pitiful state of affairs was that “not all parts” were on the truck! Why, oh why was I instructed to schedule a delivery if “not all the parts” were available, I asked. I was given some mealy-mouthed explanation about scheduling-and-loading-of-trucks-that-were-beyond-the-control-of-the-person-I was-speaking-to, and then instructed to wait for further directives from P-----y B--n as to the next (purported) delivery date.

My advice to you, dear Reader? Do not shop at P-----y B--n unless you have the patience of Job and the longevity of Methuselah!!!!!!!
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