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Jama Masjid.
The Jama Masjid, From where should I even begin describing this beauty. This is located in my most favourite part of Delhi, It's the heart and soul of Old Delhi. Surrounded by the local market where you can get anything of your need. They sell almost everything, you name it. I took this pic from the Chor Bazar(Chor =Thief, bazar = market), this market got this name for a reason, You get iPhones here for 5000 rupees that are roughly around $70. Yes, you read that right, If you are good at bargaining you may reduce even that to a lower price. And I remember getting a back case and a tempered glass for just 100 rupees i.e a bit more than $1.
From the Biryani to Kebabs, from gulab jamun to momos, everything exists here just to fill the needs of your heart.
Let me tell you something Interesting which I find very useful, Gulab Jamun(An Indian Sweet) usually costs around Rupees 20 for just 2 pieces, but here they give $ pieces just for rupees 10! Can you Imagine that that's double at half the rate, Delhi never fails to surprise me.
And after a long day in the Market, The doors of Jama Masjid are open for everyone, Everyone can enter it and have quality time with family or friends in that serene atmosphere. The Air within the walls of Jama Masjid has a spell in it. You don't feel any sort of fatigue or tiredness there, you are busy admiring the magnificent structure and the beautiful craftsmanship on the floor and walls. It is a fine example of Mughal Architecture which was build by Shah Jahan ( Guy who built Taj Mahal for his wife) in 1656.
But the fun doesn't stop there, you can even climb those pillars which are on the four corners of its boundary.
I am sure you guys will love that pic from the tower, Hope you stick around when I post that one.
Till then plan your trip to India or Delhi, and add Jama Masjid to it.
I like how fog covers the building.
April 9th, 2019  
@themusketeers Thank you jii
April 9th, 2019  
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