Vineyard in the Fog by delhawk

Vineyard in the Fog

We're staying at an RV park at the Crossings Vineyard in Glenns Ferry, ID. When I woke up this morning I noticed there was some fog so I grabbed my camera and tripod and walked across the street to the vineyard in my pajamas to try to catch some of the fog before it burned off. I was able to get a hint of it around the restaurant and winery.
Wish someone had taken a photo of you with your camera in your pajamas at the vineyard. That's the shot I would have liked to see. That's the 365Project.Org spirit in action !!! Meanwhile, the photo you did post is lovely. Pretty vineyard in the foregroud, receding into the fog. Interesting building shrouded too. Nice ambiance. Worth potential arrest for public indecency. No doubt about it!
April 20th, 2017  
@mbrutus Thanks. I have some pretty flashy PJ's and it would have made a stunning image of a photographer at work. I did get a funny look from an early riser driving by though.
April 20th, 2017  
@delhawk I'll bet you did.
April 21st, 2017  
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