Vanishing Point by delhawk

Vanishing Point

Being form the east coast where vast expanses of land are rare, I'm always in awe when I get to certain locations in the west where the road extends off in the distance to a vanishing point. This image was taken while standing at the top of a hill looking down the highway near Bruneau, ID. It captures a lot of elements of the landscape, buttes, snow capped mountain peaks, various colors of agriculture, clouds, and the straight line of the highway.
yes., This picture is chock filled with variety of color and scenic components. Very nice. Do you remember the movie from the Seventies called Vanishing Point with Barry Newman, I believe.
April 23rd, 2017  
@mbrutus I vaguely remember the film. I had to look it up to refresh my memory.
April 23rd, 2017  
I love road shots
May 3rd, 2017  
@terryliv Me too. We don't get these often in the east.
May 8th, 2017  
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