Almost a Super Moon by delhawk

Almost a Super Moon

Full moon happens on 12/4 so I'll have to settle for this nearly Super Moon that rose over the Joanna Furnace Historic Site for the Hay Creek Valley Historical Association Christmas Festival. The Joanna Furnace is a remnant of the late 18th Century iron industry that operated in the area of Reading, Pennsylvania. The furnace was in operation until 1898 when the iron master died. The festival was complete with an appearance by the Pennsylvania Dutch Belsnickel, a man wearing furs and sometimes a mask with a long tongue. He is typically very ragged and disheveled. He wears torn, tattered, and dirty clothes, and he carries a switch in his hand with which to beat naughty children, but also pocketsful of cakes, candies, and nuts for good children. He is one of the companions of Saint Nicholas that appeared in the folklore of German-speaking Europe and was brought to the US by German immigrants.
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