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Jan 2017 Just starting my fourth year. Had some time out last year just because...... but decided to get back into it this year. I started this project with an old canon powershot, I now have a Canon Eos 600D and Canon 9GX. I use both cameras, each has its advantages and disadvantages. My aim this year is to learn more about each camera and to become more proficient in using them in manual mode. I have a trip to Europe later in the year and my biggest issue will be which camera do I take or do I take both?

Jan 2016 Two years completed, well not quite. I missed a few days last year because life got in the way. I almost didn't renew my membership for this year but decided I would miss my 365 friends too much. I am not setting any rules for me other than to enjoy 365. I may even join in on a few challenges. We'll see......