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2018 How the years fly by! Hoping again to record progress in the garden and at my daughter's new house in the village.

2017 A new start for a new year. Have signed up for Ace membership again, and busy organising my photos into albums, so I can keep a record of the garden for instance. May have a new digital camera to try out later too, has priority functions on, inherited from my in laws and a step up from my previous camera. Meanwhile I'll continue to use the iPhone as quite happy with the results and it's so easy to carry with me.

2015 Not doing anything incredible on here this year, using my iPhone camera and documenting progress in my garden and views of my new home town, Windsor.

2014/15 has probably been the worst yr ever, see below. Sadly my partners mother also died in August last year too. In January this year we were told we had to move from our home of 25yrs as the flats were being demolished! This led us to move into my partners childhood home in Windsor and meant I could at last retire. It's been a good move so far, and I'm in process of tending a mature and well loved garden, though sadly neglected these past few years due to my in laws ill health. Looking forward to documenting on here. Nice to be back in touch.

2014 Well this year's been a sad one for us. My partners father died in January and his mother has been unwell ever since. I've decided to stay on at work for another 3yrs until 65. However, I have re subscribed to 365 as ace member again so hopefully will be posting some photos. One brilliant thing about this year is that I've become eligible for my freedom bus pass, so will be getting about quite a bit this year and there'll be lots of photo opportunities.