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That half-asian wonder...

I consider myself an Infrared specialist, that has been at it for over a decade. Being one of the early pioneers' of digital infrared photography and working with people all over the globe (via the world wide web) in perfecting and teaching it, in hopes that it would grow and spread world-wide. That is my favorite form of photography, and I find it truly 'unique' in a sense that it is the least common and relatively unknown method of photography. However, when people see an Infrared photograph, they Ohh and Aww at the apparent oddness, that is Infrared; marveling at its unique Winter-Wonderland like properties, of a warm growing seasonal months that glows/basks in a white snowy appearance, an invisible world glowing in which we are unable to perceive.

Infrared continues where the visible spectrum ends right at the red color band. To visualize it, think back to our dear old, Roy G. Biv! Although in the scientific community, it is really backwards (more like, Vib G. Yor!) Infrared is just invisible light that we humans cannot perceive (although some animals can), however, with special devices (such as this infrared filter that I use), we are able to filter out the visible spectrum, and pick up that of infrared. Thus, in my pictures, you are seeing what infrared looks like! This is not to be (all to commonly) confused with 'thermal infrared' or heat (which usually leads to baffling questions as to why people look so 'pale'). This is just invisible light that we cannot see, and nothing more.

I started out in film (like most old-timers), a Nikon N80, having taken akin to my father, whom also was quite big into photography (Infrared of course!); for home-schooling, I would choose it as an 'elective' for my high-school years. Shortly thereafter, eventually ventured into the digital realm after Nikon released their first dSLR -- the D100 of which I got to play around with. I was hooked! But ended up waiting (saving up my pennies), and buying a D70. The first thing I did? Play around with Infrared as soon as I unboxed my new camera!

And the rest... is history!

Now, I am ever-so-much as big into photography, as I had once started in my teenage youth. Continuing well on into college, and finding things to photograph of the day-in-a-life (or day-to-day) of a student and the teachers I interact with on a daily bases. Including (my rather boring) life outside of college, of course!

I am pursuing a degree in Meteorology, and a minor in Math; having maintained a 4.0 GPA after 3+ years of college, with another 2+ years to go... This is by far, the most difficult curriculum I have encountered to date, with math being my weak point. But blessed having encountered an amazing math teacher (whom is now president of the math department) that helped a lost, hopeless, student; fearful of the math minor 'required' (to the point of wanting to drop out of college altogether). I went from being a C- student in math, to an A+! Truly I was (and am) blessed with an amazing teacher that spent countless hours helping me! She continues to help me in math, even though she no longer teaches, having a higher duty as department chair of a much dreaded topic for most... math.

Please, if you have any questions regarding Infrared photography -- ASK! I love teaching it, and especially love to see this photography spread whilst adding more photographers into this rare club.

You can follow me on facebook, too (where I have many more photographs posted). Don't worry, I won't bite! :D

Denny Shunk

p.s. I'm 26, in-case you were wondering. :-)